Health&Safety in Childcare

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Tantrums, mealtimes, whingeing, disobedience, bullying, stress, loss of patience, sibling rivalry and fussy eating all contribute to at home parents requiring time out. As for working parents, everyday they strain themselves to financially support their families whilst also worry about the effects their absence will have on their child or children.
So what's a parent to do? Give up any hope of returning to work? Continue slaving away at home as they become increasingly impatient and angry at their child? Abandon your child to the clutches of any Tom, Dick, or Jane who hangs up a childcare shingle? Beg your aging parents to give up lawn bowling and golf in favor of spending quality time with their precious grandchild?
Difficult as it can be to find quality childcare, the situation isn't quite as dismal as you might think. While you might have to set your sights short of finding a real-life Mary Poppins, you don't have to settle for any of the scary characters who regularly make their rounds on our television sets every night.
In today s society there are many options parents can take when it comes to childcare. When considering which choice to take it is vitally important to make sure their child s needs are meet. Children s physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs must be met if they are to grow and develop towards their full potential. Whether at home or in some form of childcare, children require essentials such as love, security, praise and recognition, responsibility and

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