Health Reflection

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Meal Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Isabella Caban
Health Period 2
I make an effort to eat breakfast every morning. However, according to my food log, my breakfast might not be substantial enough to start my day. Usually, I eat a fruit accompanied by a piece of toast or a small cup of cereal. This breakfast doesn’t contain much protein to help me start day. I eat within the first hour of waking up on weekends, but not on weekends, which is another thing I could improve on.

I think I could do better with eating meals/snacks consistently throughout the day, especially on the weekend. For example, on the first day of my food log, I went six hours in between my first two meals without eating and didn’t eat anything after 5:00 even though I went to bed around 10:30. Most of my calories are eaten in the middle part of my day and I don’t usually eat anything after dinner, which results in a long period of time without eating. My energy is fairly consistent throughout the day except for in the morning. According to my supertracker, I am under the appropriate number of calories for meals and snacks.

Almost all of the food I eat is high quality and full of nutrients. My family usually buys natural foods and we almost never have foods with added sugar in the house. However, on the weekends this changes and my food quality tends to go down. I usually eat at home and know what’s in the food I eat.

Proteins, carbohydrates, and fats are eaten at almost every meal, but my food log does show that I need to eat more protein in the morning. According to my super tracker analysis, I’m getting the right percentage of carbs (51%), proteins (18%), and fats (33%) each day. I think I ate a variety of food throughout the weekdays. I had foods from each food group each day. For plant foods, I eat plenty of fruit but I could increase my vegetable intake. I do maintain an appropriate amount of sodium in a day and usually keep it under 2300mg.

On weekdays, the only thing I usually drink is water because we...
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