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Topics: Norepinephrine, Fight-or-flight response, Bulimia nervosa Pages: 5 (691 words) Published: June 18, 2013
1.How might you describe "sense of self" to one of your classmates? (Points : 2)
What others think of you

Your idea of who you are

A feeling of self-respect

A feeling you can handle life

2. Which of these factors influences one's sense of self?
(Points : 2)
Connection with school

How severely you criticize yourself

Being voted student president

All of the above

3. Responsibility is an example of which of the following?
(Points : 2)




4. Level of trust and respect for teachers influences your sense of self, and belongs in which of the following influence categories? (Points : 2)
Social environment

Meaningful activities

Connection and belonging

Internal promoter/critic

5. When you act according to your own values and take responsibility for your actions and your health, feeling both self-respect and self-____confidence___ are two likely outcomes. (Points : 2)

6. Which of the following are accurate statements about social support? (Choose 2) (Points : 2)
Social support — and a lack of it — affects your health.

Good social support means having a lot of people to help you.

Good communication is essential for strong social support.

Social support is most important during times of personal crisis.

7. Which of the following are examples of constructive feedback? (Choose 2)
(Points : 2)
I don't like your idea because it won't work.

I have a few thoughts about how we could make your ideas more effective.

Rather than climbing on the roof to get the cat, can I tell you how I'd catch her?

All of the above

8. Delaying a decision by changing the subject or pretending not to hear is an example of what skill? (Points : 2)
Active listening

Interpersonal communication



9. Which of the following is a sign that someone is not actively listening? (Choose 2) (Points : 2)
Making eye contact

Interrupting with an opinion

Singing lyrics to a song that relates to the topic of conversation

Asking questions to clarify what you're hearing

Paying attention to the speaker's body language

10. Amber is embarrassed when she and her travel buddy Stacey arrive late to soccer practice, and would like to encourage Stacey to be more conscious of time when getting ready. How might she best express these feelings to Stacey using "I" messages? (Choose 2) (Points : 2)

I am frustrated when you cause us to arrive to practice late.

I feel humiliated when you criticize me.

I would like us to leave on time in the future.

It's hard for me to think clearly when you are singing.

11. An event or situation that causes a strain on your body or mind is called a(n) _____. (Points : 2)


personal critic

fight or flight response

12. When the stress hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine are released into the bloodstream, which of these physical responses occurs? (Choose 2) (Points : 2)
The heart beats more rapidly

Blood flow to the digestive system decreases

Breathing becomes deeper

Blood flow to the brain decreases

13. Which of the following might create eustress? (Choose 2) (Points : 2)
Having an exam

Getting cut from the soccer team

Being named captain of the debate team

Being asked to the prom by someone you're really attracted to

14. The mind-body connection can be exhibited by which of the following? (Points : 2)
Fight-or-flight response

Headaches, dry mouth, fatigue, and feelings of anger



15. How might a person help manage his or her stress?
(Points : 2)
Treat yourself to a warm bath and a large bowl of ice cream

Talk to someone you trust about what is worrying you

Decide to sleep in

Go out drinking with your friends; you hear that alcohol helps numb stress away

16. Talking with someone who is trained to help with mental and emotional problems...
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