Health Psychology Concepts

Topics: Medicine, Health care, Thought Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: April 17, 2011
In this short speech I will tell you the three most significant concepts that I have learned in a course that I took in health care about health psychology. The three most significant concepts I have learned in this course that I would include in a speech supporting incorporation of health psychology concepts in health care policy are pain management, coping with chronic illness, and stress and its affects on health.

The first one that I picked was pain management. The reason that I picked pain management is there is many ways that our body deals with pain and there are many ways to fix the pain. Some people think that alcohol and drugs are a good pain killer, but in fact it does not help the pain at all. There are better way to deal with it but many people have to be trained to do these thing.

The next significant concept that I picked was coping with chronic and life-threatening illness. The reason that I picked coping with chronic and life-threatening illness is until I took this class I had no ideal on how to deal with or to expect others to deal with it.

The final concept that I picked was stress and its affects on health. The reason that I picked stress and its affects on health is that most people have a lot of stress and they do not know that it is affecting their health or how it is affecting their health. There are many ways that stress can affect some ones health. One of the ways that come right to mind is pain in different parts of your body and there seems to be no reason for it.
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