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Health Promotion Ajleen Singh Sidhu Promoting Health and Safety – ECE-115-ONA Julie Valerio Monday, February 2nd, 2015

I have maintained Academic Integrity in my work by adhering to the values of honesty and integrity. I declare that this work respects APA requirements as well as policies within the School of Health Sciences. Student Signature:

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I am Ajleen Singh Sidhu, a 20 year old boy from India. Back in India, I was a medical student. I finished my high school, came to Canada and joined Humber college in the ECE program. My Personal Health Promotion Goal

During this semester, my goal would be to improve my physical health. After coming to Canada, my health has started to degrade slowly. Probably, it must be because of the change in environment and food habits. I just want to achieve the same sound health which I used to have back home, in India. I’m choosing this goal because I can’t cope with all the responsibilities of study and work with a poor health. In addition to that, I’m sure not to survive in this harsh climate without a sound physical health. I’m not used to such cold winters, so it will take time for me to adapt to it. And even personally, it is a sort of my hobby to stay fit all the time, and if I fail to do that, my whole mind setup gets upset. I face a lot problem in concentrating on the work in hand. Regarding being an ECE, this goal will be extremely important. First of all, as I will be working with children, I would be a good role model for them if I had a healthy physique. Secondly, I will be spreading awareness among parents regarding good health, so it would put more good...
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