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Levels of health promotion

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09 March 2014
Dawn Day
Levels of Health Promotion
The American Journal of Health Promotion defines health promotion as the science and art of assisting people in adjusting their lifestyle to move toward a state of optimal health, this is a balance between different dimensions including physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual health (O'Donnell, 2009). There are three main levels of health promotion, primary, secondary and tertiary. This paper will go into detail about the five steps included within these three levels of health prevention. Social dimension involves the encouragement of a healthy living environment and also initiates better communication with patients and their families. Spiritual dimension connects patients to the real meaning of life and when to take charge. The patient will begin to understand the importance of their health and connect them to their personal beliefs. The physical dimension concentrates on physical well-being using exercise and strengthening cardiac health and endurance. Within this dimension patients begin to learn how to monitor their own vitals and be able to recognize the bodies warning signs of medical complications. With health promotion patient have the possibility of having a healthier life from birth to death. Primary Level of Health Promotion

Primary health promotion involves health promotion and specific preventions. It encompasses taking a hands-on approach in educating patients about preventing health problems. The main goal is to dramatically decrease the risk of developing a disease or medical problem before it transpires. This level of health promotion is focused on education to help individuals to become more attentive of the importance of improving health and the actions that need to be taken at the primary preventive health level. Patients are taught how to use the correct preventive measures. A patient who has had testing and determined to...

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