Health Promotion in Nursing

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Health Promotion in Nursing
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Family Centered Health Promotion
Health Promotion in Nursing

Health promotion by definition is the provision of information and education to individuals, families, and communities that encourages commitment to make positive contributions to their health status. It is the promotion of healthy ideas and concepts to motivate each of us to adopt healthier behaviors. According to the World Health Organization, health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over and to improve their health. (World Health Organization [WHO], 2009, p. 4) Health promotion is a representation of a social process. It requires perception and commitment not only by those receiving the information but also by those giving the instruction to achieve full health potential.

Besides physicians there is only one other role in the medical fields that is as important in the caring of patients, nurses. The role of a nurse has progressed to so much more than checking vitals, changing bedpans, and administering medications. Nurse are looked to be advocates for their patients. Asking the questions that patients may not know to ask and being a voice for them when they are incapable of speaking at all. Another role of the nurse is participating in health promotion. In most situations a physician will enter a patient’s room with intentions of providing the patient with as much information as possible about their diagnosis, treatment plan, and desired outcome. Unfortunately that leaves minimal time for the patient to ask questions. This is where the nurse is crucial. As a part of the health promotion movement the nurses duties are to put the information into a more receptive format and allow the patient to ask questions and even prompt discussion with the patient to ensure participation, understanding, and an overall commitment to make the necessary adjustments to achieve healthier outcomes in the future. The...

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