Health Promotion and Research

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Health Promotion and Research Annual Assignment – Part B.
Health Promotion and Research.

Naidoo and Wills (2009) identified five approaches to health promotion, these are medical, behavioural change, empowerment, educational and social policy. Each of the above approaches are important, relevant ways for a nurse to promote good health and healthy living for service users in their care. However, this assignment chooses to focus on three of the five approaches in particular, the Medical, Empowerment and Educational approaches. (Green and Kreuter, 1999) state that health promotion is "any combination of educational and environmental supports for actions and conditions of living conducive to health" and so this assignment will spend time discussing the meaning and effectiveness of each of the three approaches, and also how they relate to the work of a nurse in all disciplines, particularly mental health.

The medical approach to health promotion defines health as “a person being healthy because of a lack of physical symptoms”. This is apparent through the common social conception that one is healthy because of them never, or rarely attending the doctor. Over time, and due to research in this area, humans have learned that this isn't necessarily the case. There are many symptomless and very dangerous diseases, including sexually transmitted diseases, and cancer. Another point to be made is that because one doesn't feel the need to attend a doctor, or feel unwell, they may not necessarily be healthy. It is common for people to have a cold, and ignore it, as they can still carry out their activities of daily living, while taking over-the-counter medication. As a nurse, the medical approach would be the best known. Making patients aware of the medication they are on, and helping them adhere to taking it as instructed, (Aslani, Rose, Chen, Whitehead, Krass, 2010) mention that “strategies that have been shown to increase adherence to...
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