Health Promotion and Prevention Levels

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Health Promotion and Prevention Levels
Grand Canyon University: Concepts in Community Public Healthy August 17, 2014

Health Promotion Introduction
Health promotion is the science and skill of facilitating individuals changes in their lifestyle toward a state of ideal health (Edelman, 2014 p. 11). Nurses promote health by advocating for patients in the hospital setting and community. Nurse support positive health practices and the hope is that these activities will become part of a normal occurrence. In this paper there is an examination of nursing roles and responsibilities and implementation methods that nurses use to recognize and extinguish crisis or potential crisis situations. In reviewing three journal articles about health promotion, it was determined that each dealt with health promotion on various levels of preventions. In this analysis we will review each health promotion prevention level mentioned and how they are classified. Purpose and Nursing Roles and Responsibilities

Health promotion and disease prevention coexist with the nursing practice. We act as consultants, educators, and we enhance the effectiveness of an experience of health care services. Nurse’s attempt to lead the patient to positive health outcomes while adhering to the concept of increased knowledge and awareness of their illness, quality of life by understanding limitations and the nurse follows evidence based practices. In the mental health environment we are cognitive of behaviors and crisis in the milieu. In the community we can help support awareness. One article examined indicated that approximately 10-20% of the younger population 0-25 have mental health problems. Typically 50% of mental illnesses are revealed before the age of 14 and 75% by the age of 24. Mental disorders account for high burdens of disease in the younger age range. It is led by anxiety and mood disorders. In this age bracket it is the responsibility of the school nurse and counselors to...

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