Health promotion

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“Discuss the importance of the implementation of Health Promotion in relation to the Adult field of Nursing and Mental Health field of Nursing”

Issues within the implementation of health promotion will be discussed in relation to my field of nursing, adult nursing and my other field of choice, mental health nursing. A definition of health and health promotion will be identified, and why it is of significance to nursing practice in both of these fields of nursing. The impact of health promotion on nursing care will be considered in both fields, looking at examples of its implementation and its impact in the healthcare setting and the population at large. Similarities and differences that the issue raises between the two fields of nursing, as well as the importance of its implementation will be considered. Crucial issues to be taken into account are diversity issues; such as economic status, background, environment, race, ethnicity, religious and cultural beliefs; and how these may have a significant effect on the assessment, evaluation, planning, implementation and communication of health practice and health promotion to the mainstream population. Another important concern is how the individual’s circumstances, background and lifestyle choices may have a significant affect the outcomes of health promotion. In defining nursing, the RCN outlines the importance if health promotion in nursing; “its purpose is to promote health, healing, growth and development, and to prevent disease, illness, injury and disability.” (Royal College of Nursing, 2004) There are various definitions of health promotion in literature. McBride (1992, p.8) suggests that it is the process of “enabling people to increase control over and improve their health in physical, mental and social terms”, and that health promotion is one of the most basic concepts of nursing, ideologically and in the practice setting. (McBride, 1992) Tones and Tilford argue that health promotion is any planned intervention that “seeks to improve health and/or prevent disease.” (1994, p.18) The World Health Organization (WHO) redefined health from the original 1948 definition to “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” (WHO, 1986) The new definition included the components of intellectual, environmental, and spiritual health. It emphasized concern for the individual as a whole person and placed health in the context of social environment, personal resources and physical capability. (Pender et al, 2001). In emphasizing wholeness it meant that the significance of mental health was also now being taken into account. A definition of mental health promotion involves “any action to enhance the mental well-being of individuals, families, organisations or communities” (DOH, p.27, 2001) The first core principle of the ‘NMC The Code: Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics for Nurses and Midwives’ outlines the importance of the patient as the nurse’s first concern, “treating them as individuals and respecting their dignity.” (NMC, p.2, 2008) It states that the nurse should “act as an advocate to those in your care, helping them to access relevant health and social care, information and support.” (NMC, p.2, 2008) This implies that patients should be supported in caring for themselves so they are able to maintain and improve their health. It recognizes the importance of health promotion and the nurse’s role as an advocate to patients, in helping to improve patient autonomy by participating in their own healthcare and making their own decisions in order to restore or maintain their health. The NMC also states that patients should be provided with information and advice that is understandable so they are able to make their own choices regarding care. (NMC Guidance on Professional Conduct for Nursing and Midwifery Students, 2009) Similar viewpoints are put forth by the Nursing Times, stating that the role...
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