Health priority in australia

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1. Outline TWO indicators of morbidity. Include examples in your answer. (3 marks) Morbidity one of the two measures of epidemiology is used to illustrate the prevalence and incidence of illness, disease and injury that don’t result in death but reduces the quality of life, either temporarily or permanently for an individual within a population. Morbidity can be measured or indicated through such things as: Hospital use: The number of admissions to hospital and their causes are vital statistics which provide insight into: accidents within a community and rates of illness, this in turn indicates the major reasons of ill health as a nation. Hospital use also provides useful information about the pattern of diseases for example, through statistics we can examine the prevalence of cancer and strokes within a given community such as ATSI peoples, this can inform the governments where more consistent cancer screening may be required which in turn acts as a preventive health measure. Disability and handicap: The incidence of disease or accident can lead to impairment, disability and handicap. A handicap is a perceived social disadvantage that results from an impairment or disability. For example if an Individual sustains an injury in a motor vehicle accident that results in abnormal function through loss of physical or mental capabilities, they have sustained a disability being unable to perform normal activity either temporarily or permanently. 2. What should consumers consider before choosing complementary and /or alternative health care approaches? (4 marks) When reaching out to alternative or complementary health services there are a number of factors a consumer must consider in order to make an informed and safe decision. Researching the alternative medicine can act as a good first step, by analyzing its credibility as an effective type of treatment any possible side effects and checking the qualifications and experience of practitioners. This can be achieved by asking questions such as: What are your qualifications?

What experience and training do you have?
What is the treatment you offer? How can it benefit me?
How much will the treatment cost?
Can this treatment be combined with conventional medicine?
Are there any risks involved?
Accurate answers to these questions empower the individual to make an informed choice and decrease their chances of injury or health implications from occurring. There are other valuable ways of gaining information on alternative and /or complementary health services, for example, talking with friends, family and community members about their experiences and recommendations are all factors that should be taken into consideration to help make the most informed decision and increase the likelihood of improving health. 3. Why is it important to prioritise health issues in Australia? Include examples in your answer (5 marks) Prioritising needs and issues of health in Australia relies on the analysis of research to determine the nature and extent of specific needs. By prioritising health issues in Australia the government can specify the needs of society in order to live healthily, usually by allocating funding to address the most serious and prevalent issues, which are of paramount importance for the health and wellbeing of Australians. These priority issues include: The health inequities exercised by certain groups within our society Our growing and ageing population

The high levels of chronic disease and other health problems evident in our society It is important for particular health issues in groups experiencing inequities to be prioritised so that principles of social justice are met. Groups experiencing inequities include: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Socioeconomically disadvantaged people
People in rural and remote areas
Overseas born people
Elderly people
People with disabilities
By applying the principles of social justice in our identification of...
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