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Setting: school
Scarlett and her bf break-up, her grades are slipping, and she has some family issues. Part I:
Lena: Hey Ryan!!
Isha: Hey, Scarlett I have to tell you something ..Well I don’t think things between us are all too great... Lena: What? You’re breaking up with me? NOW of all times? You know how hard it is at home and how stressed I am over school…and I... Isha: It’s just not working. It’s for the better.

Part 2:
Scarlett is at a party and drinking from a cup of water. Molly, an older girl, starts talking to Scarlett trying to make her try her drink. Molly: Whats in the cup? Water? Of course you’re too innocent for anything else. Scarlett: It’s my choice, I just don’t like alcohol. And whats wrong with water? Molly: Well, it’s fine. But the thing in my cup gives you such a buzz that you won’t ever go back to just water. Plus, I heard whats been happening in your life lately. You could use this, but if you’re too chicken then… Scarlett: *pauses to think* actually, pour me some...

Part 3:
Molly informs Scarlett there’s going to be a party soon and she has some “good stuff”. Isha: This, weekend, Sophia’s throwing a bash for her 21st birthday and there’s going to be things there that take you to a very peaceful place. Scarlett: Whoa, 21… I don’t know

Molly: Listen, its fine she’s an old friend of mine, just come nothing’s going to happen! *At the party*
Scarlett sees Molly inhaling from a suspicious object
Scarlett: Molly!! Is that weed? Do you know how many brain cells that kills!! Molly: It’s fine. I only do it once in a while. I promise. Here take a hit. Scarlett: I’m alright.
Molly: If you want to go to your happy place, then this is your ticket I’ll give you one more chance or you can leave.. Scarlett: Give me. Now this hasn’t only been peer pressure but also the strive to be popular and accepted among others. Part 4: At Mollys House:

Molly runs in with bags.
Scarlett: You’re here.. I’ve been waiting for over an...
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