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Topics: Nutrition, Education, School, National Health Service, Sleep, Exercise / Pages: 6 (1341 words) / Published: Mar 15th, 2013
Joshua Kurtis Roberts
Task: Write a report to David Sissling, Chief executive, NHS Wales on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
To: David Sissling, Chief executive of NHS Wales
From: A 6TH form representative at Ysgol Gyfun Llangefni
The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are outlined in this report.
Sleeping is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle because it gives the body a chance to rest and re-gain energy. To feel the full benefit of sleeping a person should sleep for at least 8 hours a night. If a person was to have this 8 hours of sleep a day they would concentrate more on the things they have to do. Having 8 hours a day of sleep ensures you are having enough rest and this is healthy for the body.
We have had PC Dewi Thomas teach us about drugs in school since year 9, which gave us an inside information about drugs and what they can do to us, however I believe we should be educated earlier, I believe we should be educated as early as year 7. There are many drugs that are legal but are still very harmful to the body if excess of the drug is taken, these are things such as alcohol, and alcohol can affect things such as the liver or the heart and can cause liver cancer and heart diseases. To ensure a healthy lifestyle people should ensure that their intakes of these drugs are reasonable. There are many illegal drugs that can cause fatal harm to the body, drugs such as ecstasy are very addictive but also cause physical harm to anyone who uses it. Therefore what people should do is ensure they have a reasonable intake of legal drugs and tries to avoid illegal drugs at all cost.
Healthy eating
This is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, when people eat healthy foods they feel better about themselves, it helps self-esteem and also helps a healthy bowel movement. With over a quarter of Britain’s adults obese and setting a bad example to the young people of the country I think it’s time the NHS stepped in and taught the young

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