Health law and Regulations

Topics: Health care, Health economics, Healthcare Pages: 3 (1715 words) Published: October 22, 2014
Health Law and Regulations Bianca Needham September 22, 2014 Professor Kathleen Cross Health Law and Regulations Federal regulation agencies function as an extension of the executive branch in government that generate and enforce legislation. Regulation and regulatory agencies play an important role in the health care arena. The array of regulations that govern healthcare are overwhelming, however, each individual regulatory agency has a specific scope that focuses on protecting and maintaining quality care, and work to improve access and affordability for Americans. The path to practicing medicine has a display of regulatory hurdles. Healthcare regulatory agencies monitor practitioners and facilities, channel information on industry changes, promote safety, enforce legal compliance, and quality services. The driving force behind these agencies is to reduce costs while ensuring quality services. The current financial trends in healthcare move from volume to value. Cost effectiveness will drive the growth of integrated delivery systems focusing on higher quality, better outcomes, and greater satisfaction. When a hospital focuses on value, it requires the hospital to clarify on every dollar they spend. With that said, the significance of government agencies within the healthcare arena take on additional challenges in enforcing compliance to operating standards. Government agencies permeate virtually all day-to-day aspects of healthcares goods, services, reimbursement rates, patient protection, hospital accreditation, and licensure of professionals practicing healthcare. The regulatory agencies that enforce compliance to healthcare regulations and legislature provide structure and shape to Americas fragmented healthcare system. From the movement of each dollar in the healthcare arena to how patients and doctors communicate regulatory agencies will continue to translate policy into action and monitor and enforce compliance with healthcare regulations....
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