Health Issues Among College Students

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Health issues among college students

In the United States today it is very easy to find something unhealthy or someone who is not so healthy themselves. This may come from many reasons; beginning with diet, smoking, or maybe just your lifestyle. These factors tend to host a very big problem for young college students. Most college students live a fast lifestyle and the things they eat reflect that lifestyle. A student doesn’t want to eat what’s healthy, instead they would rather eat what’s convenient. Balancing class, studying and socializing, eating comes secondary and a lot of the times is done while doing one of the other three things I mentioned. This is a very unhealthy diet and that’s why they coined the phrase “freshman fifteen”. This refers to the weight an incoming freshman gains from an unhealthy diet. According to Judith C. Rodriguez who states “This weight gain is related to stress, a sedentary lifestyle, and changes in food intake and diet patterns, and it is not unique to American college students—international students attending American universities become heavier, too.”(1) The majority of US freshman are unemployed and depend upon on campus dinning to eat. These cafeteria style restaurants allow students to eat unmeasured portions of food. These dinning also are recommended to serve what is most desirable to young people as well, i.e. pizza, hamburgers, and french fries. These foods may taste best but are not the healthiest things to eat on an everyday basis and this shows on all our college students around the nation.

There are many other issues that play a part in the health problems of our college students today but smoking is one of the biggest. A lot of college students don’t begin to smoke until they reach college. “28% of college students who smoke begin to smoke regularly at or after the age of 19, when most were already in college.”(Wechsler 1) Some students contribute their smoking to the amount of pressure they...
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