health is wealth

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Hypertension Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: February 18, 2014
What is true wealth? Some people say that it is money, fame, fortune and status . For me, only health is the real wealth because life is the most precious. As the saying goes,’ If you do not have good health, you do not have wealth’. Health is important to a person. Health cannot be bought with money and therefore, it is important that everyone takes care of their health.

Today, most people suffer from all different kind of diseases like high blood pressure, heart attack , diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases and stress-related disease. It is because they not have a healthy life style. There are several ways to keep our’s health.

First of all, to be healthy , we need to eat a balanced diet. Make sure that at least twice a days, you have a balanced meal. This meal should have all three food groups , carbohydrates, fruit and vegetable and some meat. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables can provides our body a variety of necessary vitamins. For example, vitamin A in carrot sharpens our eyes, makes them brighter and clearer.

Besides, we must drink plenty of water to replenish all the body fluids lost. Ensure thet the water consumed is clean and filtered to avoid contamination. Ti is recommended that we at least eight glasses of water a day. Remember to refrain from taking too many snacks and soft drinks.

Secondly, sleep well every night. We need at least seven hours of sleep a day because lack of sleep can harm not only your physical health but your mental health. Sleep deprivation can cause lapses in concentration. Sleep gives our bodies that much-needed rest so that we will remain healthy. Sleep is necessary to recharge your body especially if you have been working it hard.

Another necessely for us to keep our healthy is to exercise regularly. This is essential if we want to keep ourselves healty. There are so many types of exercises such as swimming, playing tennis or jogging. We should exercise at least three times a...
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