Health Is Wealth

Topics: Psychology, Health, Psychiatry Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: September 18, 2010
Health is Wealth
Six weeks ago, my eternal friend—Doggy suffered from palsy that made her back legs lose the moving ability. The tragedy shocked my family. In my #2 speech, a lot of Toastmasters have known that my mother usually shouts at us, but always whispers in Doggie’s ears. In fact, not only Mother, but also other family members favor Doggy. Therefore, we have been blue and sad from that time. The Doggy event makes me understand the importance of health and induces me to talk about today’s subject. Health includes physiological and psychological parts. In my opinion, there are three key points to keep physiological health—food, exercise and safe environment. It goes without saying that we have learned a lot of knowledge about food and exercise. From childhood, we have been taught the correct way to eat, drink and exercise. I would not repeat the common sense, but I’d like to emphasize that Rome was not built in one day. So, the healthy body is set up with the permanence of balanced food and proper exercise. On the other hand, safe environment is essential, but usually being neglected. We should avoid expose ourselves to the high-risk environment as far as possible. On the contrary, it’s healthy to get in touch with the nature. Even for work, we should take some protection to get rid of occupational disease. After all, life is our own and we have the responsibility to look after it. Next, I’ll discuss psychological health. With time goes by, the development of medical treatment decrease a lot of body disease, but it can not control more and more mind problems. Suicide heads the list of ten causes of death these years. Violence between people is filled with the society. We earn more money but lose more harmony than before. Distorted concept of value makes people cut down EQ and AQ. As a result, psychological problem is more urgent than physiological one. As far as I’m concerned, the way to promote mental quality is to make intimate...
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