Health Is Wealth

Topics: Health, Human, Nutrition Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: August 20, 2013
Human beings are by nature possessive. We want to possess as much education and wealth,etc. as possible. But can one be happy if one does not have good health ? So health is the most important thing that a a being can possess. Hence the proverb Health is Wealth. No one will be able to work without sound and healthy body and mind. Everyone desires to be free from disease and disability. Handicapped persons such as deaf,dumb or blind cannot live an independent life no matter how ell trained they are. Sympathy from others merely creates an inferiority complex. How can we be healthy? One has to eat the right food at the right time.The food should be taken in limited amounts.

It should be free from salt, sugar chilli or chloestrol. The next pahse is good exercies.Playing Games,Jogging,Swimming,Boxing types of self defense are the common exercises practiced by Singaporeans. The exercises for children commence in school. School Children are being taught physical education as a subject. Every child needs to be physically and mentally healthy to study well. A country can be termed as healthy if the citizens maintain good health and clear minds. Though sick persons are looked after in hospitals, or by their dependents at home or even by charitable institutions they will still consider themselves to be a burden to others. A healthy state can be only attained through hygienic living conditions. The environment should be clean and free from air pollution. If this is achieved people will not be unhealthy and lazy.
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