Health Is Wealth

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i`m sure you`ll agree that the best gift of all is to be healthy. Paying attention to health is one of my personal values. Not only my health but I also care about the health of my friends and family. Today I`m going to share my personal motto and explain its meaning. Then I`ll go on to talk about some experiences that relate to my motto. Finally, I`ll tell you how my motto help me in life. My motto is "Health is Wealth". In another words, health is more important than money or treasure object. This means that no matter how much property you have, it is worthless if you are in poor health. I try to live my life by this motto as much as possible. For example, 3 years ago, my friend worked as engineer of some big company. He worked very hard. He often works until the morning in next day. His dinner regularly is instant noodle. His daily routine started with wake up, working, eating and sleeping. He did not have a time for exercise. He has worked at that company for 2 years. Before he leaved, he was seriously sick. He had a headache and stomachache. He went to see the doctor. He spent a lot of money to treat oneself. The doctor advised him to resign from his job. Finally, he decided to quit a work. Now he is a agriculturist. Farmer`s life is a simple and relaxedly life. Recently i met him. He is stronger than the time he worked as salary man. I am very envy his life. I really want to be a happy and healthy life with my job. My motto makes me more care about my health, and it makes me to don`t forget to sleep 8 hours per day and have a breakfast every morning. It remind me to make health is first priority. Remember that if you are not healthy, even more money can not buy happiness. Thank you.
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