Health Is Important Than Wealth

Topics: Health, Medicine, Health care Pages: 2 (791 words) Published: November 29, 2012

Talking about health and wealth, different people will have different opinions. Some people believe that wealth is everything, which can help them realize their dreams. Wealth can buy many things such as clothes, cars, houses and so on. However, some people do not agree with those people. They believed that health is more important than wealth. Although wealth is important to us, it is certainly not the most important thing in our life. As the proverb says, “No one knows the value of health until he loses it,” In other words, nothing is more important than health. Without health, we are feeling so hard to enjoy wealth at all. So in my opinion, I strongly agree with health is more important than wealth.

First of all, we cannot buy health with money. Health means one is free from diseases. Today, there still have some diseases which do not have cure. Although wealth may allow us to obtain top-notch doctor and get the best private health care, but once we are suffering from incurable diseases, even if we have no amount of money, it is useless for us to get a longer lifespan. Some more, we may die at any time because of the deadly diseases. Think about if we are a badminton player and we are also one of the best players like Lin Dan. Suddenly, we need to cut our arm off because of a disease when we are in peaks and earning lots of money. We need to stop playing and we are no longer able to play badminton. It is real pain for them because their dream is destroyed instantly. On the other hand, there is another badminton player who is healthy and full of dreams. He will get more opportunities to become the best player because of his healthy body. We can do what we enjoy until we die, like the healthy badminton player. There are so many people who are unhealthy and once they become sick they are not likely to become healthier than before. Moreover, we are also can enjoy a meaningful life by having a healthy body. For...
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