Health is better than Wealth

Topics: Personal life, Human, Health Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: February 16, 2014
 “Health” and “wealth”, with just a letter different, makes a very different meaning. One means the rich in body and mind, which is priceless while the other means the rich in material, which is earnable. Apparently, health is better than wealth.

As a healthy people, we are able to do our daily activities like wash-up, take meals, dress up by ourselves easily without rely on others help. However, if we are wealthy but unhealthy, we will have to depend on our wealth to employ someone to serve in our basic needs. Does it comfortable? I don’t think so. We would be happy if we have a healthy body and able to take care ourselves.

We do not deny that as a millionaire, he has the ability to afford sumptuous food, luxury travel package, or branded big cars. The question is, if he does not have a healthy body, how is he going to enjoy the “fruits” which comes from his wealth? The reality is without a healthy body, he is advised not to take certain food, not to travel far or take plane and many more restrictions concerns his health. I don’t think the power of money will be useful to him then as it is impossible to employ someone to experience the enjoyment on one’s behalf.

Studying, working and socializing are the activities in our daily life. We are able to involved in these activities without any hinder is because of we are healthy. If we do not have health, no sooner had we started working or studying, we felt tired. Is it possible to recruit someone to study and gain knowledge for you? There is no way. Knowledge, working experiences and friendship are the things that you have to gain by yourselves.

A healthy mind is in a healthy body. A person who has healthy mind is always an optimist. He takes difficulties as challenge, thinking positively and able to handle oneself feeling. People will feel happy to be with him as he is easily to get along with. In contrary, an unhealthy person is always a negative thinker especially...
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