Health Inequity Case report

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Definition of Health Inequity: refers to the inequalities in health that adversely affect a population and is thought to be unjust or unfair.

This case highlights the inequities in health care that can be found in people where poverty and lower socioeconomic status poses particular problems and how this impacts on the child and family. This will be followed by a discussion on what solutions have been applied and then a description on outcomes.

Description of Case:

AG is an 8 yo boy brought in by is mother with behavioural problems at his new school.

Born FT, NVD, no neonatal problems, normal milestones and development. Up to date with immunisations.
Lives with mother, stepfather, 5 yo brother and 2 yo step-sister who are apparently well. According to his mother, AG was referred to a community psychologist 18mths ago but was told there is a waiting list. Could not afford a private psychologist.

Father left when AG was 3yrs old. His mother is on the pension and cares for children full time. Step-father works as a laborer with shift work. No other supports as grandparents live interstate and no other family. They had just moved to the area as they could not afford the rent at their previous place and were eventually evicted.

According to AG’s teacher, he was disruptive in class, has poor concentration and is easily distracted. Often misses breakfast but eats well rest of the day. The family frequently has fast foods and takeaways.

He is otherwise well. No significant past history apart from a green stick # to his right radius when he was 4 yrs old after falling in the playground.

Nil reg meds but uses Ventolin prn and has no allergies.

Both mother and step father smokes 1pkt/day.

On examination, he appeared hyperactive, could not keep still. At one stage he was hanging upside down on the chair. He tried to play with items on the doctor’s desk and kept jumping on the scales. Appeared well and was...
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