Health History Interview

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Patient safety
Patient safety is a fundamental principle of health care. Every point in the process of care-giving contains a certain degree of inherent un safety. Adverse events may result from problems in practice, products, procedures or systems. Patient safety improvements demand a complex system-wide effort, involving a wide range of actions in performance improvement, environmental safety and risk management, including infection control, safe use of medicines, equipment safety, safe clinical practice and safe environment of care.(World health organization, 2013). Depending on the type of health care setting, there will be varying degrees of risks to the patients. Within the hospitals the patients are at risk of: 1. Slips, trips/falls due to the intrinsic factors such as(eg: visual impairment, age, balance problems, fatigue and medicine use) or extrinsic factors such as: inadequate lighting, poor foot wear, slippery floors and inadequate staffing levels. 2. Acquiring infections known as nosocomal infections or hospital acquired infections(HAIs) 3. Adverse events that may include medication errors, infection acquired from surgrery, falls while in hospitals, uncontrolled pain or wrong procedures undertaken.(Dempsey, French, Hillege, Wilson. 2009,p.681) The most at risk are the very sick, the very old and very young. Anything that effects the person’s health state potentially can effect the safety of the environment. When a person is chronically ill or in a weakened state ,the focus of health care includes preventing accidents, and restoring the individuals to a health state. The nurse caring for a patient who is recovering from recent surgery identifies the patients cognitive, musculoskeletal and respiratory status to assess self care. The patient is supervised as ambulating is commenced, to reduce the likelyhoodness of falls, loss of balance and subsequent injur. The nurse strives to continue to maximize the patients potential bu...

References: Dempsey,J.,French,J.,Hillege,S.,Wilson,V.(2009).Fudamentals of nursing and midwifery(Australian and new Zealand edn).Philadelphia:Wolters Kluwer, Lippincott Williams &Wilkins.P.680-685
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