Health History

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I. Biographical data: Name: S.K Date of birth: November 28,1986 Age: 26 Gender: Female Height: 155cm Weight: 55kg Address City: Edmonton, Alberta Phone: 780-6685675 Occupation: Student Marital Status: Single Religion: Sikh Emergency Contact #: 7807072266 Relationship to Client: Mother II. HEALTH HISTORY Present health history Client claimed that to be in good health until she then experienced some health problems for about two months now . The health problems are minor as the most studying students have . The client has complained about her irregular sleeping habits . She said that she is only been getting three to five hours of sleep a day which makes her feel stress to work on her daily activities . According to her, she encounters this problem when she is emotionally and physically stressed out but she never tried any medication for treatment instead, she only need some sleep . Sometimes she experienced muscle pains particularly on her lower extremities . She claims that prolonged standing or walking causing her this problem .

Past health history
During infancy years, the client did not experience any sickness according to her mother . During childhood years, the client suffered from chicken pox, mumps, sore eyes and ear infection caused by impacted cerumen . Client had complete immunizations . During teenage years, the client experienced irregularity of menstrual period . But it was only on her first year of menstruation and now her menstruation is regular . The client has no known drug, food, or environmental allergies. The client has not undergone any major surgeries and serous illness . Client has been seen by her family doctor December 28, 2012 due to fever and had dental check-up October 15, 2012 . She never had seen an optometrist . Family history

The client’s grandfather is suffering from second heart attack but under medication and most of her family members like her grandmother, father and uncle are suffering from diabetes mellitus . In her mother’s side, hypertension and migraine are common . The client’s grandfather on mother’s side passed away due to hypertension . Developmental Stage

Client is in “young adult” stage of development. She makes her own decision in life. She has an active social life . She goes out every weekend with her friends to watch movie, dinning and shopping . Client mentioned she is in relationship for about 3 years and feels she is emotionally stable . According to D’Amico (2007), “Erik Erikson's psychosocial developmental theory, the central task of young adults in their early 20s is intimacy versus isolation . During this stage, the young adult forms one or more intimate relationships . A secure self-identity must be established before mutually satisfying and mature relationship can be formed with another person” (p. 61) .

Cultural and Social
Client's family background is from Punjab, India . Her family immigrates to Canada 15 years ago even living in Canada for that long time they still participate on all cultural programs and very traditional . She believe in Sikhism and goes to guruduwara every Sunday with her family . She...

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