Health Frauds

Topics: Fraud, Deception, Medicine Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: December 5, 2006

-Anecdotes & Testimonials are not reliable evidence that a product or service is effective. -Spontaneous remissions and the placebo effect can make it difficult to determine whether treatments are effective.

-Quackery is far more widespread and pervasive than most people realize. -The best way to avoid being tricked is to stay away from tricksters. Don't base your health-related decisions on the advise people who exhibit the signs of quackery described in this book.

Quackery is deliberate deception; the promotion, for profit, of a medical remedy known to be false or unproven.

Frauds & Quackery Today
-At least $15 billion is spent yearly on products and services that are falsely claims to prevent or alleviate health problems.
-The Arthritis Foundation states that $1 billion a year is spent on quack remedies. -The California Medical Association has listed the following widely promoted practices as questionable: acupuncture, acupressure, applied kinesiology, bogus arthritis treatment, cellulite removal. -In the 1989 the FDA listed the following as the top 10 health frauds: a) fraudulent arthritis products b) bogus AIDS cures c) instant weight loss schemes d) fraudulent sexual aids e) spurious cancer clinics f) quack baldness remedies g) false nutritional schemes h) unproven use of muscle stimulators i) chelaton therapy(cleans arteries) j) treatment for nonexistent yeast infections

Why People are Vulnerable
-Specific reasons why people turn to questionable methods:
1)People may underestimate the degree of illness or may delay obtaining assistance because they believe they can't afford such services.
2)Religious and cultural beliefs can foster acceptance of faith healers, prayer, and magic.(ie. Chinese people consider acupuncture and herbal remedies as standard forms of...
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