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Economic History and Evolution of Health Care Economics

HCS 440 Economics: The Financing of Healthcare
University of Phoenix Online
Instructor: Geoffrey J. Suszkowski, Ph.D., LFHIMSS
January 13, 2014

Economic History and Health Care Funding

     Health care has been changed dramatically during the years from back in 1960 to today. The economics crises have taken over majority of its courses for these changes. What is economic history and health care funding? Economic history is the way people dealt with supply and demand, cost of production of a product, the levels of income and distribution of wealth, the structure of overseas trade, and the volume and direction of investment, (Adelman, 1985). In today’s society health care and medicine has become one of the life savers for patients with health care issues. More and more new technologies, research, development of new procedures and medications have taken over a major change in health care industry while comparing to back in 1940’s when there was less facilities, doctors, technologies, and medicines available for treatment of major and chronic diseases.

Health Care funding is defined as a method for patients to pay for their medical costs. During the early years of 1940’s, there were no Medical or Medicaid , HMO or PPO plans available and neither was there any government funding available for low and no income families as it is today. In today’s society the Obama health care reform is helping millions paying for their health care expenses by providing Medical, Medicaid and or discounted health insurance plans from various companies with no or low income families. Millions are benefitting from this program today in comparison from the early 1940’s century. Today the debate continues between the poor and rich as to how and if the new health care reform program is beneficial for the economy and how it will affect the nation....

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