Health Essay : Stress and Positive Thinking

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I grew up in a very strict and traditional family, where the highest of expectations had to be met for ones talents and accomplishments to be noticed. Striving for the best while being courageous and just hoping that one-day I would be able to make my parents proud was one of the most stressful things on my mind. My father always told me that there are only two paths in life that a person can take. He said that one will be a very tough and challenging road with many obstacles but in the end we will find peace and love. The other one will be extremely easy to reach but you will only find pain and poverty. My whole life I've been struggling to be a good daughter, a better student, and a humble individual. I've always been independent and have managed many things on my own and one of my main goals was to always be stress free. Stress is a serious problem that every individual encounters in his or her lifetime. It can be anything from simple stress from school or something major as to huge stress due to a death in the family. Stress can be described as a force from the outside world that affects an individual along with the environment. It can be very hard to cope with stress since it can lead to depression or even suicide along with many other health conditions. Another way to define stress is that it is a physical response around you that can be due to a threat or just being upset in some way. (Looker, and Gregson pg.23) When our body senses danger it goes into a response mode that is known as the fight-or-flight response. When you perceive a threat, your nervous system responds by releasing a flood of stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones rouse the body for emergency action. Stress can be a positive thing or a negative thing. When a certain individual is speeding and seeing a car in front of them they have to slam on the breaks. The slamming on the breaks is due to the stress response and in these situations stress is known as a positive thing. (Looker, and Gregson, pg. 24) Putting these situations aside, we all know that most stress is negative stress. Some things that contribute to negative stress are too many bills, arguments with friends, bad relationships’ with loved ones, or even a very busy schedule. These small things in basic lifestyles can cause a lot of stress and can lead to serious health problems such as heart attacks, obesity, and even depression. -Looker, Terry, and Olga Gregson. Teach Yourself Managing Stress. Teach Yourself, 2007. Print. There are many causes of stress such as a major life change, work, financial problems, negative self-talk, unrealistic expectations, or even perfectionism. (Institute ) Work can be a burden on many people since most individuals don’t love their jobs. Many people just work for the money and don’t even realize what they are getting themselves into. Others have very killing debts that they are having difficulty paying off or even managing. These financial hardships can really dig deep into a person’s soul and make them feel very little inside. All these factors in my eyes all come down to one thing and that is how positive a person is. I believe that one of the best ways to handle stress is to always be positive. Positivity can really change how a person handles their life and can also affect their attitude. On the other hand, many people spend most of their life just being simply negative. -Institute, American. Managing stress. New Readers Pr, 1994. Print. Negativity is a common behavior amongst many humans; however it is not a characteristic that takes you very far in life. (Looker, and Gregson pg.17) Despite the troubles caused by daily tactics, having a positive attitude can help even the most impossible issue to be solved. With that being said, provided research proves that practicing positive health behaviors will indeed improve health. Simple ways would be getting a regular check up every six months and to also exercising a few times a...

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