Health Education Model

Topics: Sex education, Health, Family planning Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Health Education Models
In this day and age there are a variety of different campaigns that have been put on air to try and get massages across to the nation about their health. These campaigns range from stop smoking, sex education and health education as a whole. The NHS has recently broadcasted a sex education campaign that aims to promote awareness of the different contraception that are available to them in and around their area. Some advertisements can be deemed as effective and other people would argue that they are not as effective as they should be. I will be evaluating the effectiveness of the “Contraception. Worth talking about” ad using two different models of behaviour change.

The ‘Theory of reasoned action’ is one of the many models of behaviour change. The model related to the attitudes and behaviours of a person which is formed from the individuals influence from their social environment. If the person believes that the adoption of behaviour will have a positive change of result they will then have a positive attitude towards it. For example if a young woman wanted to go to the clinic for a sexual health check up this is them showing a positive attitude to this but because of social stigma around going to the clinic because it makes you look “slutty”, that young woman would then have a negative attitude because of the believes expressed by society. The advert, “Contraception. Worth talking about” is related to sexual health and the importance of contraception, many people in society may have a negative outlook on the advert because they may feel that it is influencing people to have more unprotected or safe sex. The advert itself is reflects ‘peer education’ as the voices are those of the younger generation. This can be a positive as it shows not all young adults follow the social stigma around sexual health and therefore it promotes the importance of being able to feel free to discuss amongst our own...
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