Health Education

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Table of Contents

Scope of health education
Objectives of health education
The process of change
Communication skills
Methods of health education
Theories of health education
Planning for health education program



Conceptual consideration of Primary Health care PHC deems that the people are the custodians of their own health and they themselves are the resources, users and they decide about the whole spectrum of activities to be undertaken towards the attainment of health or otherwise. This holistic view would remain as an unfulfilled impractical concept especially in the present Saudi Arabian situation where the communities act only as passive receivers of the provided services, expecting the health care providers to decide, procure and provide what is required for them, until this traditional role of government health facilities and the community with associated barriers are be crossed if PHC concepts are to be translated into reality. The efforts to wean the community towards their redefined roles are being pursued through The established legislative, service and educative approaches. The PHC approach towards this change is well reflected in the definition and the elements by listing health education, as the most important element which is also knitted as an integral part of all the other seven stated elements.

Primary Health Care elements

1-Health Education.
2.Environmental Sanitation & Water supply
3-Mother & Child Health Care
5-Endemic Disease Control
6-Expanded Program of Immunization
7-Treatment of common diseases and injuries
8-Provision of essential Drugs

Strictly speaking every aspect of PHC whether it is the concept, approach or the services has a health education component.Health education thus is an important tool in implementing both PHC approaches (equity, access, acceptability, community participation etc.) and PHC service responsibilities.


- is the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely absence of disease or infirmity. (WHO 1987)

• It is a process by which behavioral change take place in an individual as result of experience which he has undergone.

Education, is a learning process or a series of learning experiences through individual informs and orients him self to develop skills and intelligent action.


DEFINITION:(National Conference on Prey. Med. USA 1977) ▪ “Health education is a process that informs motivates and helps people to adopt and maintain health practices and lifestyles, advocates environmental changes as needed to facilitate this goal and conducts professional training and research to the same end”

▪ is concerned with inducing and establishing changes in individual and group attitudes and behavior that promote healthier living.

▪ is any combination of learning experiences designed to predispose enable, and reinforce voluntary of individual or collective behavior to health.

Patient Education
▪ is initiated by medical care personnel to strengthen the motivation and ability of patient to adhere-prescribed medical or self-care regimens, including preparation for hospitalization, surgery and rehabilitation, initiate patient education.

Scope of Health Education

The practice of health education addresses three types of factors that may influence health behaviors and that can be modified by educational intervention. The factors, classified according to the type of intervention or methods required to modify them, are predisposing factors, enabling factors and reinforcing factors.

Predisposing factors
- include the traditional targets of education, including knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs which often change in response to one-way didactic and mass communication methods. The new variables in this category include values and perception which...
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