Health Decisions and the Biopsychosocial Model

Topics: Medicine, Nutrition, Disease Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: November 28, 2010
Health Decisions and the Biopsychosocial Model

Cardiovascular disease and hypertension is heredity in my family. Last year I had a chance to experience how biological factors influenced my decision to have a complete checkup because of preventive care. This included a complete blood work up and physical assessment. The outcome from the tests revealed that my cholesterol was elevated and my blood pressure as well. For some unknown reason, I put off seeing the doctor long as possible due to the possible risk of these diseases. The doctor provided me with education material on these diseases, and how to monitor the conditions. Also he recommended that I eat healthier. The positive decision to get a complete checkup has made me aware; that I can live a normal healthy life by maintaining a healthy diet and exercising as prescribed.

Based on my decision to seek medical advice was a psychological factor that influenced the turning point in my life. I had emotional problems about accepting the truth, if the outcome was positive. I delayed the checkup because I did not want to face the possible risk of cardiovascular and hypertension. It seemed that I blocked it out of my mind due to my mom suffering and dying with the same diseases. I felt depressed and angry because I did not want to be diagnosed with the disease. But, on the other hand I wanted to be healthy, physical and mental. Learning to deal with the outcome has helped me to adjust my feelings, and has motivated my decision to take care of my health.

Social factors can definitely have an influence in one decision to stay healthy. For example, I have struggled with being overweight since I had my daughter. About six months ago I started to cut back on what I ate and stop eating out. I met a new friend and he constantly wanted to dine out before I knew it, I had started to gain the weight back. I am happy that I was able to re-evaluate and gain control of my life to eat healthier.
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