Health Decision and Biopsychosocial Model

Topics: Nutrition, Family, Obesity Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: March 24, 2011
Checkpoint: Health Decisions and Biopsychosocial Model

Obesity, High Blood pressure and Diabetes runs on both sides of my family. One set of grandparents died of diabetes related illness. The other set of grandparent died to blood pressure related diseases. My father is obese and also has blood pressure and diabetes. My maternal grandmother and my mother both had/has high blood pressure and suffered a stroke. As I was growing up, all I could see around me is suffering as obesity caused many health related problems. Eventually lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits got the best of my parents at an early age as of today they are both taking a lot of medication for the illnesses to keep them live. I was helping my parents and grandparents around the house as much as I could, but eventually I grow up resenting food, somehow I convinced myself that food is not that important to me. I did not wanted to grow up as being obese and deal with all the health problems as my parents are and grandparents did. During my second pregnancy my OB/GYN recommended for me to see a dietician, due to the fact that I had gestational diabetes. The Dietician explained to me the importance of healthy diet and exercise. Also that gestational diabetes would go away after I have the baby, but the likelihood of it coming back with my family history was very high. It’s a lifestyle change that turned my life and my family’s life in the right direction. She explained that being thin does not necessarily means being healthy and fit. She explained the food guide pyramid and recommended walking and cardio exercise. Nowadays dieting and physical exercise is part my families daily life. My son and I are active in the winter with skiing, snowshoeing, during the summer we hike, cycling, and walk. Being active enable us to live happy and healthy life. So far no sign of diabetes, high blood pressure of obesity.
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