Health Data Users

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Assignment: Chapter 4 – Due September 20th

1.Complete the identifying information above.
2.There are 15 Health Data Users identified and described in chapter 4. Select any 10 of the 15 health data users and describe why each data user needs the data. Do you have any personal experiences that you can associate with the health data user selected? Is so, include that information to demonstrate your understanding. Please use your own words and do not cut and paste from the text book. 3.Each will be worth 5 points.

4.Submit this assignment to me via Blackboard. Do not e-mail to me. Health Data UserDescription
Attorneys and the Courts in the Judicial Process Needs the data to help with a case that a patient is bringing against the doctor who performed the services. EmployersEmployers need the data to help determine benefits to offer employees that are injured out on disability. PatientsThe data is needed to help patients understand their health problems and be able to take care of ongoing health issues. I have asthma so I use this data to help control my asthma triggers and no when I am in the red zone where I need to get to the ER because I am unable to get my asthma under control with my rescue meds. Health Care PractitionersPhysicians use the data to communicate with patients like discuss health problems or maybe an emergency surgery that has to be performed. Educators and TrainersThe data is used so that the teachers can use the information to teach students that are looking to join the Health Care field. For example the Virginia Commonwealth University is a teaching hospital so when a patient comes into the ER for an illness you will sometimes have a student ask if they could sit in, and it is up to the patient if they will like the student to participate or not. Media ReportersUse the data to tell the world about health hazards, new medications and cures that are being discovered, or maybe even a disease that is...
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