Health Concerns of Pre-School Aged Children of Low Socioeconomic Status: Poor Nutrition

Topics: Nutrition, Poverty, Health Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: October 18, 2008
Health Concerns of Pre-School Aged Children of Low Socioeconomic Status: Poor Nutrition Children who live in poverty face many mental and physical health problems: “higher mortality rate due to infections, dental caries, chronic ear infections, mental retardation, learning disabilities, and poor school performance” (Shah, Kahan, & Krauser, 1987, p.485). One of the reasons for these problems appears to be the basic necessities of a human being which is adequate nutritious food. In a 2001 article, Alaimo studied the impact of food insufficiency and health problems among US preschool and school aged children. “One study, the Community Childhood Hunger Identification Project, conducted from 1992 through 1994, showed that poor hungry children were more likely than poor but not hungry children to suffer from health problems such as frequent colds, ear infections, anemia, asthma, and frequent headaches” (Alaimo, 2001, p. 781). Children who don’t receive adequate nutrition essential for their growth are most likely to also have weight issues like obesity which could lead to health problems. This is usually because “children of low income families are usually fed lower quality diets, which consists of more refined carbohydrates and fewer meats, fruits, and vegetables” (Shah et al., 1987, p. 486). There also seems to be a correlation between lack of knowledge of the parts of the parents and types of food selection. Most of the parents of these children are likely to be single parent that are less likely to have graduated from high school and more likely to be an adolescent (Miller et al, 2008, p.554). As a result, the parents are likely to buy food that costs less without paying much attention to their growing child’s needs. Another important factor might be that “grocery stores in poor neighborhoods usually have a limited selection and high prices” (Shah et al., 1987, p. 486). Also grocery stores might not carry fruits and vegetables and have more canned or frozen...
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