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Topics: Communication, International Communication Association, Communication studies Pages: 6 (1730 words) Published: May 19, 2014
Challenges of Health Communication
Shiromoni Bhuyan
Gauhati University

The prime goal of Health Communication is to promote Health literacy. It is an integrated field to use communication tools and other strategies to enhance health of the individuals. The Physicians are directly involving in this area in their day today practice with the prescribed format of health and technical support and other suggestions to patient. Apart from the clinical aid, the health communication also can be defined as the precautionary communication where trained personal can disseminate the messages and ideas to live a healthy life and hygienic society. So the proximity of the health communication is tends directly to public health and it means to inform and influence individual and community decisions that enhance health. It is an emerging area of research where communication among the masses is the great need to observe the public health scenario and the grass root communication is a very tough job where the communicator has to identify and to aware of the hindrance in the activities at field, local emotions, language, community structure, health facility etc. So to inculcate the challenges of health communication, this article is afforded. If we look at the intended outcomes of health communication then can included the points like healthy practice among the communities, influencing behaviours and attitudes towards a health issue, increasing audience knowledge and awareness of a health issue; more support on health service, arguing superstitious beliefs, advocating a position on a health issue or policy. In the reverse the above points are the target to achieve or to experience by a health communicator. Stating from the expert level to the grass root communicator like up to ASHA (Accredited social health activist of NRHM) level, we have to work through the above points of target .The health service sector is now

promulgating fruitful task through the grand project of NRHM which provide definite work distribution starting from the clinical level to the social health awareness level. Financial aid to the individual in their definite cause of health, free health service is possible through the present day task. In the social health promotion i.e. the communication, we can cite the example of ASHA. ASHAs are local women trained to act as health educators and promoters in their communities. Their tasks include motivating women to give birth in hospitals, bringing children to immunization clinics, encouraging family planning (e.g. surgical sterilization), treating basic illness and injury with first aid, keeping demographic records, and improving village sanitation. ASHAs are also meant to serve as a key communication mechanism between the healthcare system and rural populations. It is just an example. Apart from the above example, we can also discuss about the research aspects of health communication. There have so many prospects of research regarding public health like maternal health, immunization campaign, Family planning status study, water and sanitation etc. In this area of research we should have proper knowledge on the respective area. The primary or the basic knowledge in the survey process or in the grassroots communication process is the optimum needs for a health communication. To know the symptoms before and after an operation of health activities is quite necessary so that the communicator can convinced the respondent about the positive and ill effect of a health operation activity. It’s a great challenging task performed by a communicator. Proper Knowledge on language, the emotion lying behind the society, traditional beliefs, cultural value of the society are the task needed to be experienced by a communicator in the health literacy function and other allied research area. As we know that the subject of health communication is a quite new and recently blooming area with official recognition as a subset of communication...
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