Health Change

Topics: Muscle, Physical exercise, Physical fitness Pages: 3 (1185 words) Published: April 12, 2014
Daniel Ruff
HEAL 110
Professor Nakhla
21 November 2013
Personal Health Paper
Have you ever had a dream about looking a certain way, maybe the best you have in your entire life? I might be young but I’ve known what I wanted to look like since I was nine years old. When I began to watch the anime show Dragon Ball Z, I was blown away by the way the male characters looked. All of them had looked like they went through an anabolic time chamber; with tree trunk sized thighs, boulders for biceps, chiseled abs, pectorals full of striations, wings for lats, and veins popping out of their skin all over their bodies. I was obsessed with the way that they looked. I knew that I wanted to look like that when I grew up, I WILL look like that when I grow up. I knew that in order to achieve that goal that I had to lift weights and with little knowledge about the bodybuilding game, I began my game at age 16. After about six months, I gradually gained more and more knowledge about bodybuilding and used every bit of it to my advantage. For the next year, I lifted weights and used exercises in the same fashion. It wasn’t until recently that I came to the realization that I had reached a plateau in my gains. I needed to switch things up and trick my nervous system with the weights because my muscles got used to what I was previously doing. So I researched my options on how to break that plateau and I came to the conclusion that I needed to change some of the exercises I had done and completely alter the number of sets and repetitions of my exercises. I chose to take up the “penitentiary style” workout, made popular by bodybuilding moguls Kali Muscle and CT Fletcher.

Both Kali and CT have their history with breaking the law and that’s where it all started for them. Kali Muscle was born and grew up in Oakland, California. He was somewhat of an outcast in that area because he had different priorities than the gangsters around there. He excelled in sports like track, wrestling...
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