Health Care Utilization Paper

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Health Care Utilization
November 16, 2014

Option B
Well it seems like community health centers expand to provide care for those with little or no income. The federal government can provide funding to develop additional access to medical communities that are struggling financially. People in the U.S. utilize health care services for many reasons, to prevent disease, prevent future illnesses, and to eliminate pain. Men have the tendency to wait until the last minute to check their health status or until they develop a symptom. Women on the other hand are different in this aspect. The factors that John’s health care utilization is that the situation he is in, his approved physician is 40 minutes away and that the appointment has to be set 2 weeks in advance. That creates a dilemma in John’s life because now he feels like he is stuck without an option. There is a solution to solve this problem if we take the information that is given in the story. With John and his daddy’s condition, that makes it more difficult to get the appropriate care that they need because they have to wait for two weeks to get treated. I believe that with the proximity and the times that they accept patients because they don’t offer weekend and evening hours, I think John should find another option. The kind of insurance he has, the area he lives in, his level of income, his transportation issues and his health conditions are some of the factors that affect John. You can’t put your health on hold; if it needs immediate attention then you should go and seek what is nearest to you regardless of the coverage. There are local doctors and him and his father both should go before things progress further. I think that the factors that are equal, they can be mutable and immutable. Things that could be mutable can be that John could possibly get a job that already has good health insurance coverage instead of having to rely on Medicaid. He could get a higher paying job to pay for the medical...
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