Health Care Utilization Paper

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Health Care Utilization Paper (Option1)


February 3, 2014 Eugene Burwell

The health care reform act is meant to build America’s current health insurance systems so that, they are able to provide more American’s with being able to have better access to health insurance coverage. In this writing, I will be discussing the health care reform act, and why it is an ongoing debate.

When it comes to the recent health care reform measures, it has expanded the health care to be able to improve the patient outcomes, and to promote efficiency and accountability, to ensure the patient safety, and to encourage the shared responsibility, and to work towards the higher value of health care. The health care reform has also created a website in which, it will be able to provide individuals access in which they will be able to compare health insurance options that best fits their life needs. With the health care reform measures, individuals will likely see that there may be potential to increase the demand for health care; there also might be a rising demand for procedures and technology, as well as a shortage of the primary care providers, and the nurses and other health care professionals.

When it comes to the health care utilization, it can very from appropriate or inappropriate; it can also have a high or low quality, and can be very expensive or inexpensive. When dealing with the trends of utilization, they can also be used for the basis of projecting the future health care needs, and forecast the future health care expenditures, or can be the basis for...

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