Health Care Plan

Topics: Health care, Health insurance, Barack Obama Pages: 3 (676 words) Published: December 6, 2011
Obamacare- Afframtive

Honorable judge, worthy opponents, diligent timekeepers.

Today’s resolve is “Obamacare Should be Repealed.”

My partner and I firmly agree with the resolve.

The Affordable Care Act, passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama in March 2010, supposed to provide better health security. But it will result in skyrocketing insurance costs and physicians leaving the field in droves, making it harder to afford and find medical care. Here are the main reasons Obamacare should be repealed : 1. Over $500 Billion In Tax Hikes

Obama Pays For His Government Takeover Of Health Care With Nearly $570 Billion In Job-Killing Taxes On Small Businesses, Investments And Innovation. (Douglas W. Elmendorf, Letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 3/18/10) According to the NY Times, "One-Third Of Employers Subject To Major Requirements Of The New Health Care Law May Face Tax Penalties..." 2.It Destroys New Jobs:

CBO (Congressional Budget Office): Penalizing Businesses Who Do Not Provide Full-Time Employees Insurance Will Encourage Businesses To Cut Hours And Salaried Positions. "Alternatively, because firms are penalized only if their full-time employees receive

subsidies from exchanges, some firms may instead hire more part-time or seasonal employees." 3.Americans' Health Insurance Premiums Will Skyrocket Health insurers say they plan to raise premiums for some Americans as a direct result of the health overhaul in coming weeks, complicating Democrats' efforts to trumpet their signature achievement before the midterm elections. Some Blue Cross Blue Shield plans and other smaller carriers have asked for premium increases of between 1% and 9% to pay for extra benefits required under the law, according to filings with state regulators. 4. Employers Will Pass On Increased Health Care Costs to Workers: Big employers faced with incorporating the first...
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