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By Pammit4118 Feb 24, 2014 607 Words

According to the article Workplace Violence written Smith, Sarah J. Professional Safety 47.11 (Nov 2002): 34-43, workplace violence and prevention require a team approach. The team should include management, law enforcement and company employees. It also lists what it has found to be the top ten things that need to be done to develop a proactive approach to preventing workplace violence. The tips main focus is on teaching management and employees on how to recognize the signs of potential violence and have a plan in place if a situation does arise. The two examples that were given of incidents of workplace violence shows how employees that were thought to may have had a problem with an co-worker or management was allowed back on the property and was able to carry out acts of violence. In both incidences the employee had either made comments, or demonstrated behavior that could be considered uncommon, and yet somehow was still able to get onto the companies property. When it comes to employees that want to cause harm to co-workers and management they are more dangerous than anyone else. Because they know the company and where everyone is located as well as the ways in and out of the building, extra precautions should be taken to ensure that they are not allowed in. The article asks a very important that I am sure that many of us could not answer quickly, how would your employees respond to a disgruntled worker at your workplace? The article gives very good information on how to prevent workplace violence. A zero tolerance workplace violence policy and program is just one of the many things that it suggests for each company. As stated in the article, the most extreme form-homicide-is the third leading cause of fatal occupations injury in the U.S. According to the U.S. Department of Labor 17 percent of workplace homicides the alleged assailant was a current or former husband or boyfriend of an employee. This confirms that workplace violence does not have to be between two co-workers it can be a direct relationship between a domestic dispute and even an act of jealousy that stems from the home. Only 18 percent of violent crimes occur when the victim is at work, which means to me that workplace bullying and violence can also spill over outside of the workplace as well. Examples of bullying in the workplace that can lead to workplace violence are: Spreading malicious rumors, gossip, or innuendo that is not true Excluding or isolating someone socially

Intimidating a person
Undermining or deliberately impeding a person’s work
Physically abusing or threatening abuse
Removing areas of responsibilities without cause
Constantly changing work guidelines
Establishing impossible deadlines that will set up the individual to fail Withholding necessary information or purposefully giving the wrong information Making jokes that are ‘obviously offensive’ by spoken word or e-mail Intruding on a person’s privacy by pestering, spying or stalking Assigning unreasonable duties or workload which are unfavorable to one person Under work – creating a feeling of uselessness

Yelling or using profanity
Criticizing a person persistently or constantly
Belittling a person’s opinions
Unwarranted (or undeserved) punishment
Blocking applications for training, leave or promotion
Tampering with a person’s personal belongings.
Although this list is long it does not mention all forms of workplace bullying.

Some of the things that management can do to prevent workplace violence are, train supervisors to avoid negligent hiring and retention, seek help of the local law enforcement on making a plan if something does happen, communicate emergency plan to all employees and responding agencies, and to have a proactive approach to preventing workplace violence.

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