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Health care management case studies

By majicabdullah May 08, 2014 786 Words
Case Study 1: Where’s my organ?
1. Identify the issues that this proposal raises.
This proposal raises ethical issues regarding the recipient list of organ donations, and the treatment of patients whom are organ donors. Raising the availability of organs does not solve the dilemma of who receives the organs. Dialysis patients are typically geriatric patients over the age of 65. One could argue the additional organ donations should continue to be received by younger patients with longer life expectancy. Also, with added donors, will hospital staff give organ donors the same level of treatment as non-organ donors, or will care drop of with intent of collecting these organs post death? 2. Choose to support or oppose the bill. Develop a set of arguments that justifies your position. In support of the bill, if these projections are correct, the governmental debt could be reduced annually. Also, tax incentives could reduce living expenditures to a variety of low income households, alleviating crippling hospital expenditures. A significant factor with such a bill would be the number of lives that could be saved with an increase in readily available organs. Patients already with organ failures could significantly prolong their lives, or at the very least, improve their way of life. 3. Develop an alternative proposal to the congressman’s that you believe would be more effective in encouraging organ donation. An alternative approach that would be more effective would be direct cash incentives rather than tax incentives. Grant a check following donation sign up, with an increase according to organ amount. Grant an additional pay out to the family of the donator following the passing of the donator. This money could directly pay for funeral arrangements, and or any hospital bills prior to the death. This could significantly increase organ donation, cutting governmental and hospital costs nationally.

Case Study 3: The Feasibility of BEAM

1. Propose the membership of a committee that will be assigned to assess the need for BEAM testing and the option to be selected. BEAM is an advanced form of electromagnetic mapping of the brain that is highly valued by physicians in brain imaging. Reports have shown improvement in recognizing brain abnormalities according to neurologists. Therefore, a committee should be comprised of long tenured leading physicians of the hospital as well as local neurologists. They will be able to truly attest to the success rate of the imaging. The committee should also include the hospital’s financial department in order to decipher costs and health insurance reimbursements. The leading executives should be able to weigh the success of the imagery according to the physicians to the costs and revenue according to the financial department. 2. What types of information should be presented to the governing body in the committee’s final report? Critical pieces of information pertaining to this case that should be presented to the committee includes: a verifiable success rate of BEAM, a statistic comparing the success rate of BEAM in comparison to other methods of brain imagery, the cost of BEAM in comparison to alternative methods, the cost of leasing versus the cost of buying, the charge rate of a single patient, the amount of reimbursement issued, and total expenditures and revenues. Each will weigh a factor in the final decision of the purchase of such technology with limited statistical research available.

Case Study 2: The Clinical Staff

1. How should you respond to the president of the PSO?
A proper response to the PSO would be to acknowledge their concerns regarding the new decisions or policies, but also portray your visions and intents going forward in order to sell the staff on your concepts. It is of significant importance to establish a working relationship between management and staff, and have a unique shared vision by all. Changes may be necessary in order to realize this vision. 2. What arguments should you use to support your decision?

Proper arguments to support any unpopular decisions are statistical, unbiased facts that can be properly presented to the PSO that are consistent with your choices. Opinions can be doubted, however, facts cannot easily be overlooked. The facts should then be conjured with your policies being put into place, demonstrating your intended goal. It is important to gain the trust of the staff going forward. 3. Sketch an outline showing the appropriate relationship among the GB, management, and PSO. GB set policies and evaluate overall performance.

Management oversees daily medical and hospital services and is responsible a number of clinical and administrative responsibilities such as disciplinary actions, credentials, and staffing decisions. Management must put the policies created by governing bodies into place. PSO’s must implement and put for the policies handed down to them by management. PSO’s are responsible for licensure, certification, education and training.

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