Health Care Issues in the United States
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Health Care Issues in the United States
Trumeka King
Professor Gary Morris
HSA 500

Health Care Issues in the United States The health care system of the United States has change in many different ways during the last century. It has evolved from a system which lacked technology and knowledge of medical science, to a nation full of the vast wealth of medical technology and how it applies to its community. Due to the rapid growth, health care has become a significant force “The nation’s health care system has increasingly moved to center stage, drawing the attention of many Americans and our nation’s politicians.” (Torrens & Williams, 2009) With all of this attention and government interaction, it is no wonder why our nation strives to improve and rationalize the health care system. While there are many aspects to discuss in terms of improvement, this paper will attempt to explain how health care is affected by behaviors, economics, and social structure. Also, it will discuss the three stages of medical technology, major trends in population demographics, as well as the most important trends in mortality over the past century.
Behavior, Economics, and Social Structure The behavior or involvement of the public, economics and social structure are three aspects that greatly affect the health care system in the U.S. Behaviors or individual involvement of the nation has significantly impacted the health care system of the past as well as present day. Health care and medical science during the early stages of the health care development can be best described as hands on; people were basically responsible for their own health care and the care and treatment of their family members too. “Surprisingly, the period from 1850 to 1900 may have been the time when people themselves were most involved in health care and how it worked. They did this, not because their efforts were elaborate or effective, but rather because they knew that they were

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