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Health Care Utilization Paper

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As I was interview one of the people where I work, she was so naïve and told me everything that I need to know. She explains to me how the health care system operates back in the days, now and the future, my main concern the cost of insurance for staff and patients. Her name was Vilma Gaciar; she is a general manager where I work, and she has a bachelor in nursing. However, she manages the whole Broward County department, and her primary responsibility is to make sure all team managers are doing an adequate job by helping the patient and family members reach their goals. She works closely with medical staff to plan, direct, and coordinate the delivery of healthcare.

Career is a destination. However from the beginning, my goal was to reach some level of ability to accommodate with the field of work that I choose. My goal is to experience work from a range of viewpoint in my field. My journey can be different from others, like work for different companies or big organizations. Moreover, I can say that my journeys still not end yet I still have to walk my way through the top to become a general manager. How I manage my career path wills defined by the decisions and actions that I take on my daily basis. Each and every decision and every action that I make will definitely open a big door for opportunities to advance my career prospects. As I`m working my way up I will have to stay focused and on track. I will take any opportunities and advantage that may come my way. Although, one more thing to always realize, learn from your mistake in order to make the most of second chance opportunities. Moreover, I still have to finish school and graduate with a bachelor. i will have to climb the ladder with good work performance, able to make good judgment, good decision, empowerment scale high quality, quantity, and productivity is my

goal. My main primary objectives are to have a clear understanding to where I’m today and where I want to be tomorrow will help me make rise decision in my life. The more I learn about my past, the more I will predict more about my present and the better I prepare the more advantage and opportunity that will arise in my future. Furthermore, been a general manager is a difficult job you have to focus on managing difficulties and change. The better you are, the quicker you will be able to adapt to changing and circumstances when they arise and always keep in mind those difficulties and changes bring opportunities for growth and progress. Over the years I have learned new things, gained more knowledge, study new courses and acquired new skills. All of these experiences makeup my list of resources and provide me with a solid foundation for my future career. Although, by giving my career plans, I will need to add additional resources that will help me take advantage of opportunities to climb the career ladder. As a future general manager I will need to identify my assets, my assets are my strengths that I have at my side that can use now and in the future to help me reach that goal. My objective is to take my time to make a list of all things that valuable and trait that I feel that can help me make tremendous progress to move up through the career ladder. For that reason, I need I’m willing to make necessary sacrifices to sustain. Then I will need to go back to reassess my career goals and objectives to achieve that goal.

Management and leadership are important for the delivery of good health services. Good managers should try hard to be a good leader and need good management skills. Although, a good leader always consider assess plan, manage the care process for each, interact with the community, and manage all information that covered in the Plan. However,...

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