Health Care Industry Overview

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Health Care Industry Overview


John Dean

Health Care Industry Overview
The health care industry has many career opportunities that are available and many of these areas have little or no patient interaction. All of these fields are just as vital to patient care and the seamless running of a healthcare organization as the clinical patient care is. Medical device sales, clinical engineering, health information management, and healthcare risk management all happen daily in the health care industry and are hardly ever seen. A medical device sales career is part of the manufacture industry and focus on selling medical equipment and supplies to the healthcare industry. Job prospects are best for those with a college degree, medical knowledge and the personal traits necessary for successful selling. A successful salesman must stay current on the latest advancements and has to have continual education and training on new devices. Opportunities for employment may fluctuate by changing economic conditions, but these jobs are an important part of manufacturer’s success and are expected to grow by seven percent between the years 2008-2018 (Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010). Sales representatives have large territories and travel considerable. Because of the large area they must cover, they may be away from home for several days or weeks at a time traveling by airplane or car. Wages in the field range from as low as 34,980 to as high as 133,040. The median annual wage is 70,200 including commissions, in May 2008 (Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010). Medical device sales is always expanding and because of new medical advancements. Clinical engineering’s role in the healthcare industry is critical to the operation of the organization and the care of its patients. Their primary responsibility is implementing medical technology, but they also act as technological consultants in the purchasing of new equipment, service repair, maintenance, and...
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