Health Care Industry Business Ecosystem

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Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
Health care industry shares all the concepts of any other industry, either it is Apple or Cisco. The only difference stays the fragility of the type of business model. It sounds also important to define the business attribute which is centered between a non-profit and a for-profit institution. I am referring to a nursing home facility where many actors are involved within the operation activities. Within this facility business ecosystem, we find the government agencies, the suppliers of medications, foods, maintenance and office supplies, the residents (elderly people) and their family, the health care employees. If one has to map this ecosystem after the model of James Moore he or she will place the government agencies, the owners, the unions and the competition as the main actors or participants of the ecosystem. The only changes would be made in the core business where management and employees, doctors and rehab centers are introduced. Also changes should be made in the extended business where residents and residents’ families substitute for customers.Business Ecosystem Health Care Industry

Rehab centers
Temporary and
Standards Bodies
Suppliers of Complementary Products & Services
Stakeholders, including investors and owners, trade associations, labor unions Government agencies and other
quasi-governmental regulatory organizations
Competing organizations having shared product and service
attributes, business process, and organizational arrangements.

Core Business

Extended Enterprise

Business Ecosystem
James Moore, The Death of Competition

In the health care industry the chain is much more important, because a complete cohesion is a key to the organization success. One actor cannot achieve his goal without the full implication of all the others. Can one speak about competition?...
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