Health Care Communication methods

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Health Care Communication Methods
May 22, 2015
Marina Voronin
Health Care Communication Methods
It is the responsibility of the administrator to take charge as a leader and make sure things are running smoothly. When new policies are made or big changes, which affect others it is important for an administrator to properly communicate. Communication between staff and consumers who are affected are key in establishing good relations and quality performance. Since some of the residents here must be moved out due to new policies implemented many strategies for proper communication has been used. A group meeting with all residents in the commons area was held to verbally and face to face make them aware of the situation. Next letters were written up informing each resident of the changes being made. Then family members listed on all emergency contact forms were called and informed. For those families we could not reach via phone, were then sent out an email to those who were listed. A press release was has been made explaining that our facility has been bought by a national company. This press release also urges anyone with a family member in the facility to please contact a staff member right away for more details. The facilities web page has also been updated to explain the change and that residents will have to be moved to a different location. The staff is working individually, making sure each resident is well informed on the move and why the move is happening. The staff is also working to get medical release forms signed or contacting next of kin who handles the resident to get medical forms released. The staff is making sure to listen to the residents and trying to make this transition as smooth and painless as possible for all involved. Many residents who have had difficulty communicating have been worked with extra to ensure they understand what is happening. There are advantages and disadvantages for all types of communication. There is also a right time to use certain types and not others. People as a whole need to know when to use these communications by evaluating the situation and the person they are communicating with at the time. Traditional communication such as talking face to face or over the phone has its advantages such as instant feedback, more personal connection, and being able to talk distances apart. We also can write letters or fax that allow the receiver to keep this information. Although this method has the disadvantage of not being able to cover as many people at once. Letters and fax will take longer to respond to as well. Electronic communication has advantages such as quick transmissions that can be responded to within seconds. With electronic communication, you are not limited on where or who you can send a transmission. For example, if you need to contact someone via email over in Russia it will not cost you anything, and they will receive it within seconds. Which brings us to the next advantage of the electronic communication, there is not any cost involved to use electronic communication. The disadvantages of electronic communication are data might not be received due to a software error. Breach of private information and dependency of electronics are both disadvantages. Although it does not cost anything to communicate, electronically the software and updates needed for certain types of communication might be costly. Such as things like Skype or Ventrilo are electronic ways to communicate but can cost money to use them. Also with things like Skype you can have lag and complication with video's blurring. Social media can be great for communicating because it is quick and easy to access for most individuals. Social media can also be informative and reach vast audiences. Also with some types of social media you can connect with friends and family as they can with you. Social media can also keep people updated on local and global news. The disadvantages of...

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