health care communication HCS350

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Health Care Communication
HCS 350
October 25, 2013

Health Care Communication
The purpose of this paper is to inform family caregivers on how to enhance communication in health care. Health care communication is the written, verbal, and nonverbal correspondence between all persons involved in patient care, to include the patient. Furthermore, this correspondence should be about patient issues, not health care personnel. This paper will inform on the importance and relevancy of communication, the role of effective professional communication, an explanation of theories and principles, and the effects of ineffective communication within health care. Family caregivers are a part of the health care team and should be involved in communication; additionally, having an understanding of how to be an effective communicator may benefit the patient’s outcome. Importance and Relevancy

A family members input on the history and personal information of a patient can be extremely beneficial. The family member providing care may be asked to provide answers when possible if the patient is a bad historian or unable to communicate. On the other hand, even if the patients answer is believed to be inaccurate, the caregiver should wait until the patient is finished communicating before providing input. Care should be focused towards the patient; however, successful completion of set goals may involve family, so the families input should be taken into consideration (Arnold, Boggs 2011) Family caregivers should communicate information that is relevant to the goals of the patient. Relevant information is not limited to that of the patient; it may also include the background and history of family members. The family’s religious beliefs and rituals should be conveyed to health care personnel if they are not formally questioned. In addition, the goals and expectations of family members should be clearly communicated within the health care team. Family members that will be...

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