Health Care Budget Plan

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Metropolis City Budgetary Plan

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Executive Summary

Metropolis City is a thriving location of approximately 230,000 residents which strives to provide programs and services to optimize the quality of life of its residents. Officials pride themselves with providing decent, affordable housing for the elderly, indigent and homeless, as well as a wide array of after-school and other recreational programs. Improvements are continually being sought. This report seeks to best spell out the most efficient and effective way to allocate current budgeted funds to best support the needs of Metropolis City. By doing so, plans must also be set forth to illustrate to citizens how their tax dollars are being spent.

For this reason, a visionary committee was constructed to detail the most lucrative means in which to invest the current $10 million dollar budget allocated by the city manager. Also, it will be a priority to make certain the proposed expenditure plan meets federal standards in order to receive up to 100% matching federal funds. This report will outline the strategic plan of Metropolis City, focusing on a number of service and renovation priorities. These include:

• Transportation and Transit

• Solid Waste

• Infrastructure Renewal

• Healthy Activities

• Housing

• Economic Opportunities

• Service Delivery


Metroplis City’s estimated 230,000 residents reside in an area covering of 1,380 square kilometers with 10% being urban and the remaining 90% agricultural land, forested lands and wetlands, and small communities. The area has more than 4,500 km of roads, 1,225 km of sidewalks, 420 bridges, 220 km of recreational pathways and 425 km of bike routes that help people get to and from their destinations. Goals will be set to improve transportation demands, maximizing use and efficiency of existing systems and expanding the current service for improvements among all forms of travel.


Collaboration will be needed to optimize the city-wide transit system with a goal of a targeted increase of riders by 30%. Achieving this goal will require providing greater reliability, availability, comfort, and speed of the service. Accommodations for handicapped riders will need to be made, making the transit system completely accessible. Steps must also be taken to improve fuel efficiency by making transit buses “greener”.

Solid Waste

Metropolis City is committed to becoming a “green” city and by decreasing the carbon fingerprints on the environment. Funds will be set aside to construct innovative recycling programs and to improve the drinking water filtration system for all residents.

Infrastructure Renewal

Improvements to current sidewalks, trails, roadways, the water treatment facility, wastewater collection system and the parks and recreation department should also be made in order to improve and increase use by residents of the city. The exiting public infrastructure system must be optimized due the costly demands of creating and maintaining a system. Metroplis City will spotlight on crucial areas of the current infrastructure, including repairing roadways, sidewalks, and other systems such as sewers. The solid waste system and environmental needs will be addressed to perfect their current use.

Healthy Activities

Funds will be set aside from the current budget to ensure that all citizens of Metropolis City have accessibility to a wide array of cultural, recreational, sports, and fitness-related activities to improve their health, both physically and spiritually. Facilities and festivities will be designed with easy access for everyone, including the elderly and handicapped. A variety of health promotion activities and events will also be held, such as health fairs, screenings, and informational sessions....

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