Health Care and Stage Dementia Support

Topics: Alzheimer's disease, Health care, Geriatrics Pages: 4 (1290 words) Published: April 3, 2007
In this assignment, I researched about the health problem, dementia. Dementia is one of the serious health problems Australia encounters. This is due to the fact that the aging of population in Australia is increasing. Thus, the number of people who are diagnosed as dementia is increasing every year. Brown & Edwards (2005) suggested that there are approximately 18,000 new cases of dementia in Australia every year. Harris, Nagy and Vardaxis (2006) stated ¡®dementia is a progressive organic mental disorder characterised by chronic personality disintegration, confusion, disorientation, stupor, deterioration of intellectual capacity and function, and impairment of control of memory£¬ judgement and impulses.¡¯ (p.501) Brown& Edwards (2005) noted that the decline in cognitive functions affect individual¡¯s ability to work and therefore they are not able to complete the tasks. In an aetiology view, dementia is commonly caused by advanced age, family history, neurodegenerative conditions and vascular. (Brown & Edwards, 2005) Neurodegenerative conditions are those diseases of the brain such as infectious diseases tend to strike people in very old age. (Brown & Edward, 2005) Up to now, the most common type of neurodegenerative diseases is known as Alzheimer¡¯s disease. (Stewart, Prince& Mann, 1999) Vascular dementia is a degenerative cerebrovascular disease that leads to a progressive decline in memory and cognitive functioning. It occurs when the blood supply carrying oxygen and nutrients to the brain is interrupted by a blocked or diseased vascular system. (Crisp & Taylor, 2005) Dementia affects mainly in older people. Brown & Edwards (2005) stated¡¯ As the average life span of humans increase, the number of those affected with dementia is growing and is now a major international public health concern.¡¯(p.1584) The high prevalence of dementia in Australia has a great impact on the public health. Dementia has the potential to become an enormous public health...

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