Health Care

Topics: Health care, Health economics, Health disparities Pages: 3 (655 words) Published: November 27, 2013
Suggested Books (the numbers in brackets relate to modules these books are best for) Acheson, D, (1998) Independent Inquiry into Inequalities and Health, London: Stationary Office (3, 4) Almgren, G (2006) Health care politics, policy, and services: A social justice analysis. New York: Springer (2, 4) Alcock, P. (2003) Social Policy in Britain: An Introduction (2nd Ed), Basingstoke: Palgrave (2) Alcock, P. (2008) Social Policy in Britain (3rd ed) Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillian (2) Asthana, S and Haliday, J (2006) What works in tackling health Inequality: Pathways, policies and practice through the life course, Bristol: Polity Press (3) Baldock, J. Manning, N. and Vickerstaff, S. (2007) Social Policy 3rd ed. Oxford University Press (2, 3)

Baggot, G (2004) Health and Healthcare in Great Britain (3rd ed). Hampshire :Macmillian Palgrave(2, 3,4)

Black, D (1980) Inequalities in Health. HMSO (3)
Blakemore, K and Griggs, E (2007). Social Policy An Introduction (3rd ed). London: Open University Press (2,3) Barry, A Yuill, C (2008) The Sociology of Health: An Introduction (2nd ed) London: Sage (2,3) Blaxter, M(2010) Health (2nd ed). Cambridge. Polity (2)

Bury, M (2005) Health and Illness, Cambridge: Polity (2, 3)
Di Clemente, R, J, Crosby, R, A and Kegler, M, C (2010) Emerging Theories in Health Promotion; Practice and Research, London: Sage ( 5) Edlin, G and Golanty Jones, E (2010) Health and Wellness. London Barlett Publishers (1) Field, D and Taylor, S (2003) Sociology of Health and Health care (3rd ed). Oxford: Blackwell Publishing (3) Giddens, A (2009) Sociology (6th ed) Cambridge: Polity (2,3) Goodson, P (2010) Theory in Health Promotion: Research and Practice: Thinking Outside of the Box, London Bartlett (5) Gabe, G (2004) Key concepts in medical sociology. [online] (accessed…..) available at: Green, J and Tones, K (2010) Health Promotion: Planning and Strategies, London: Sage (4,5) Ham, C (2009) Health Policy in Britain (Public...
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