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Customer Satisfaction in Health Care Services

The study was conducted to assess customer satisfaction at Aga Khan University Hospital. Pricing, facilities & professionalism were gauged and analyzed using a questionnaire survey method involving 101 customers.  While the focus was convenience sampling, snow ball sampling was also used. The following were the results.  

 Keywords: Health Care services, customer satisfaction Health care, Hospital service satisfaction  
1. Introduction 

Customers at AKUH are highly satisfied with facilities provided and clean environment, however, pricing remains a cause of concern. As seen, the mean score for pricing is 2.5. Standard deviation, on the other hand, is approximately 1.0-1.1 which points towards the variability in the opinion of the respondents.           

Taking skewness into consideration, it is a positive 0.412 for pricing while for other attributes skewness is negative. This signals larger deviation from means and reflects the respondents’ dissatisfaction for pricing. Similarly kurtosis, which shows the variability in the opinion of the respondents, is -0.45 for pricing. Given the relative flatness of the distribution, it can be concluded that customers are dissatisfied with AKUH in terms of pricing. 

* Professor and Dean of Faculty of Business Administration, Preston University, Karachi Pakistan, In addition to the Dean he is also the Chief Editor of Research Journal.

2. Research Objective
The study investigates customer satisfaction with services of Aga Khan University Hospital .  
The objectives of the study are achieved by 1) collecting information from patients & their visitors, who use consulting services at Aga Khan and 2) by analyzing their response to ascertain their comfort level with the various factors namely pricing, facilities and professionalism.  

2.1. Hypothesis
Ha: Customers are satisfied with AKUH consulting services.
Ho: Customers are not satisfied AKUH consulting services
2.2. Secondary Objective
•    Enable management to enhance and improve AKUH services •    Allow competitors to identify gaps in the services and fulfill that gap. •    Provide a service benchmark to a startup in the healthcare segment.

3. Research Methodology
The research methodology was divided into two parts.
1.      Focus group – The objective was to understand the attitude of respondents towards a set of questions and in the process determine important factors affecting the loyalty.  
2.      Data Collection & Analysis – Based on the focus group findings, develop a questionnaire and use it to gauge customer satisfaction at AKUH based on the factors found in the above.  
3.1. Focus Group
A focus group consisting of 9 participants was done. Participants were encouraged to provide a response with respect to the following questions:  
         Have you ever been treated in or visited hospitals e.g. AKUH?          How long did you have to wait for the service?          Did you get proper treatment?
         When you asked about certain information from AKUH, what was the response?          Are you satisfied with the equipments, and or facilities at AKUH ?                                                                                           

The findings were:
         Environment of AKUH is exceptionally good in comparison to other competitors. However, things seem to be declining.  
         AKUH cost of service is quite high.
         Doctors at AKUH are hardly concerned about the patient’s affordability and they mostly assume that only wealthy class is coming to AKUH. So sometimes they ask patients to get tests done or give medicines that are we expensive.   

3.2. Questionnaire
Based on the findings, a questionnaire was developed keeping in view the following factors. (Please see appendix for questionnaire)  
         Pricing
        ...
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